move better to live better

Developing your ability to be strong, resilient, and capable your whole life 

Press Reset to restore your reflexive strength and build new found strength through consistent practice of your

natural human movements.

With a comprehensive screen and assessment, we determine your starting point and develop a plan that will address your needs and move you to where you want to be.

You do not need a gym membership, loads of equipment or a large space. 


All you need is to show up consistently, do what you can and for someone to guide you. 


Regardless of your age or fitness level, we will help you realise the strength inside of you!

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Reset your body to discover
how it was designed to move!

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We all have a pre-programmed movement template inside our nervous system that never leaves us and when you engage in this original template you press your body’s reset button!


As infants, we progressed through a series of developmental movements that strengthened our nervous system making us strong healthy adults.


We were not built for the modern-day lifestyle


The problem is that our body is not designed for modern-day habits and over time a range of issues start showing up such as unhealthy posture, shoulders, lower back, pelvic floor, also diseases such as diabetes and obesity, general weight gain, excessive ageing and mental health issues.


To Press Reset, we focus on the basic developmental movements, that we originally did as infants to build our reflexive strength.  Crazy right! Pressing Reset means we can restore our movement and health by doing what we were designed to do.


When we do these basic movements, the brain receives valuable information from the nervous system via the vestibula system.  With this information, the brain builds new neural connections, restores old ones and makes the current ones more efficient.


This makes us reflexively stronger, healthier, more resilient and capable.


The developmental movements we focus on when Pressing Reset, are foundational to all the other movements that the body can express. 


  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Head Control

  • Rolling

  • Rocking

  • Crawling


Some people see changes quickly, others may see changes over a longer time, but everyone experiences changes if Pressing RESET regularly and consistently, even for just a few minutes a day.


Pressing Reset can help you, regardless of your age, physical or mental abilities to breathe, move, and live better

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Natural Movement Patterns

The natural human movement patterns are those patterns that are part of our development and our daily lives. 


These movements can build strength and health, they can be progressed and regressed and are foundational to enhancing our performance athletically and in daily life. 


These movements include


  • Push – Push-up

  • Pull - Pull-up

  • Hinge - Deadlift, Swing

  • Squat - Goblet Squat

  • Gait - Walk, Crawl, Carry, Sprint

  • Get up and Down, Rotate – Turkish Get-up


These movement patterns are part of our development as infants and as locomotive adults. 


They have historically been the foundation for progressive strength training programmes due to their importance in life and athletic performance.    


OS Screen & Assessment

The screen and assessment gives us a clear snapshot of where your body is currently at – reflexively.  Based on  the observations we can determine your starting point and pinpoint a plan of action for introducing  regressions or progressions to your programme.


It also gives a baseline for future comparisons.

The OS Screen and Assessment is only available through Original Strength Pro Level 2 Coaches.  

What People Say


Jean, Shotokan Karate Black Belt | Mother 

Colin has liaised with other professionals that are involved in my rehabilitation to ensure he can deliver the best person-centred training plan for me.  He is reliable, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable.

Thank you, Colin!!!

Lifting Kettlebells

Victoria, Triathlete

Colin delivered a calm; inclusive and informative session and he clearly knows his stuff!  I hadn't heard of Pressing Reset before, I benefited almost immediately from the belly breathing and the exercises that we were introduced throughout the morning.  I felt very grounded after the clinic and my posture was visibly improved and quite instinctively. I will certainly be incorporating them into my exercise routine from now on and I look forward to attending more clinics with Colin.

Pool Reflection Stretching

Michelle, Research and Project Manager | Mum

After 2 years of pain and being unable to exercise I started a program with Colin doing original strength movements. For the first time in 2 years, I have much more range of motion without pain, improved posture and am feeling great!