Walking Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Walking Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure and Strengthen Your Heart

Walking is an easy, low-impact workout that almost anyone can do. As with any movement start where you are at.

If all you can do is walk for five to ten minutes, start there. Stay with it for a week and then see if you can then extend it to a 15-minute walk.

If you can go for a 30-minute walk, pick up the pace, walk briskly and after a week or two, try to go for 45-minute walks. You can also break up your walking workout into 3 shorter sessions interspersed throughout your day.

If you have any health conditions and, if you’re suffering from high blood pressure and are at risk for heart disease, discuss your walking plans with your doctor, to come up with a plan that is appropriate and safe for you.

Getting out and walking will help you on several different levels. You can read more about the benefits of walking here.

The act of walking itself, particularly if you can go for a walk in a natural area is very relaxing and will lower your blood pressure soon after the walk, something that will help you feel better right away. But the benefits do not stop there.

The regular exercise will strengthen your heart. Your heart is a muscle and going for a brisk walk works out more than your leg muscles. You can tell you are walking briskly if you can still talk but cannot sing the words to a song.

As you work out your heart, it gets stronger and better at pumping blood through your body. And as you strengthen your muscles and your body overall, you are likely losing body fat. That is good news for your blood pressure long term. All it takes is heading out there for a short walk each day.

As you get stronger those walks will get longer and you may even give another movement like swimming a try.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and losing weight are some of the most effective ways to reduce hypertension regularly.

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